Covid-19 for October – Madeira Safest Destination

Thanks to Daniel Caires for this table explaining a bit more about the covid-19 cases for the beginning of October, and showing how safe Madeira is to visit…

In this ‘table’ we can check the following curious data:
-> In the first 12 days of October, we tracked 63 positive cases for covid-19 ….. and 12285 negative cases. (at the airport)

-> We made so far more than 160 000 tests. (there’s 260 000 population living in the island.

-> In the last 12 days, we recieved more than 24 000 people that are helping local economies. And we need it. Hotels and similar, Restaurants and similar, Touristic services, local shops, etc etc.

-> 95% of the cases are imported and reviewed in the airport. 100% are Isolated and monitored, in order to recover and return to their regular social life.

So, tell me.. you see numbers like this.. where?
Where do you find such a protection to local public health?

Come to the best, come to Madeira Islands.

Madeira with 0 deaths. Only region in Portugal with 0 deaths to covid-19.

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ps: TUI UK is coming back on the 26th of this month. Transavia also coming back, on the 17th.



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