David Alexandre Silva Cabral de Oliveira is 44 years old and has been missing since last Thursday, October 8th. The mother spoke to JM and was disgusted with the operations that aim to find her son.

The parent criticises the lack of action by the authorities and says that they are making it difficult and delaying the situation. “They didn’t let me do the process on the 8th. Only on the 9th did they accept the participation of the disappearance. However today I called to find out the situation, but the only thing I was told is that there was little data ”, said the mother to the newspaper.

However, the mother of her missing son says that even with the data that she gave to the police, which includes the latest Paypal and Uber movements, made by her son on the 8th with his mother’s credit card, the authorities only tell him who “are looking for”.

Concerned and losing hope in the appearance of her son, the mother says with revolt that “the police work that has been done so far is inferior to that of a programmed robot”.

Remember that, as reported by JM in Saturday’s print edition, David Oliveira was last seen wearing denim shorts and a gray t-shirt.

Therefore, anyone who has information about David’s whereabouts should contact his mother by phone at 966782756.

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