This confirms the information provided by the JM during the last repatriation flight organized by Portugal and which was responsible for bringing 190 citizens to Madeira. This will be the fourth flight organized by the Portuguese authorities.

The Consulate General of Portugal in Caracas informed, through a statement, that “a return flight to Portugal is being organized for the next 4th of November (Wednesday), aiming to take only Portuguese citizens and other citizens from countries of the European Union with legal and proven residence in Europe ”, can be read in the document.
Each ticket for the fourth repatriation flight organized by the Portuguese authorities will cost 798 €, and will certainly have many interested parties, many with final destination in Madeira. Remember, during the third repatriation flight, Rui Abreu, regional director for Communities and External Cooperation, had advanced, that there were 490 people on the waiting list, registered at the Consulate and awaiting repatriation to Portuguese territory, of which 210 were from Madeira.

Testing is required

In the Consulate statement it is also possible to read that “all passengers who do not present a PCR test carried out 48 hours before departure will be given a PCR test on arrival at Lisbon airport at a cost of € 100.
Interested Portuguese citizens should contact the Consulate by 9 am on the 21st of October by sending to the email address of the Consulate, a copy of the Portuguese passport, copy of the Venezuelan passport (if you have dual nationality), residence in Portugal or in another European Union country , indicate the residence in Venezuela and leave the respective contacts.
Remember that since Venezuelan airspace is closed, about 400 citizens have already been repatriated from Venezuela with final destination in Madeira.

From Jornal Madeira