Beautiful Cinematic Video of our Island

Just before the Video can I mention that this is a NEWS BLOG for Madeira the good the bad and the ugly. With not much happening on the island and now another huge drop in tourism it’s always hard to find good news, especially when we are in this pandemic and most of the news is about that.

I try to mix it up as much as possible with the good and bad, and we have been lucky with a much younger generation coming to the island and producing some fantastic Photo and video content.

If you want a lighter side to see, and what I get up to on the island plus my favourite places to eat and drink, with levada walks coming soon as well,  you can join my Patreon for as little as 2.00 euros a month, which helps also to support this blog.  I don’t get paid to promote the island in any way, and only rely on the few advertisers and the Googles ads placed on the blog at the moment. I hope to restart my tours in the near future but I can’t see that being this year.

Enjoy this amazing video…