“O Principezinho” Nursery closed as another Case of Covid-19 confirmed

The appearance of yet another confirmed case of Covid-19 in a child in the nursery ‘O Principezinho’ in Caniço led health authorities to choose to close that school. The school board stresses that there is no contagion within the school since the positive cases identified so far are linked.

Since the possibility of closure was advanced, those responsible for the kindergarten were always receptive, in the sense that the establishment itself could contribute to the control of a possible local outbreak.

Covid-19’s first case at this nursery school was confirmed last Monday. As Diario Noticias reported, the child then infected would be from the same household as one of the positive cases detected at Colégio de Santa Teresinha.  This private pre-school establishment will have around 150 children, who are daily accompanied by close to three dozen professionals.

Not even the implementation of strict hygiene and cleaning plans and following the guidelines of the health authorities was able to stop the entry of this new disease in the establishment. Like the other cases identified in other schools, contagion in the family environment and not at school appears to be the common denominator.

The place will be closed until further notice.