TAP carries out an extra flight today to ‘protect’ passengers affected by cancellations

TAP is carrying out an extra flight tonight, in A321 equipment with capacity for more than 200 passengers, which aims to protect all passengers affected by cancellations caused by bad weather in Madeira whose final destination is Lisbon.

Flight TP3831, which departed Lisbon at 7:30 pm, is scheduled to arrive at Madeira International Airport at 9:15 pm.

According to information gathered by DIÁRIO, all passengers with other final destinations are being protected on tomorrow’s flights, in order to be able to board immediately on connections in Lisbon to their final destinations.

A situation that will, however, always depend on the evolution of weather conditions.

The airline also clarifies that all flights that it was possible to operate today and all flights tomorrow are scheduled on the A321, an aircraft that significantly increases capacity, so that all passengers affected by bad weather can carry out the your travels as soon as possible.

From Diário Notícias