Jet2 and Covid Testing

Thanks to Amanda Thornsby who sent me this information, and might be useful to many readers who use Jet2 to fly to the Island.

With the lockdown easing in the UK, we will start to see the first Jet2 planes coming in next week. As a matter of interest and maybe to put on the blog I have found out from friends who are coming next week that Jet2 has a link between their online ‘manage my booking’ page that is linked to a partner company who will process Covid tests in line with flights. Ensuring the 72 hrs window.

Of course, there is a small fee but it would enable travellers to journey on a negative test and be sure not to put pressure on the Madeiran economy of testing at the airport. Traveling healthy Without a potential risk of an unwanted £ extra expensive stay at the Covid Hotel should they test positive on arrival!

Seems a good system, but not made very obvious on the Jet2 site.

Click Below to find out more about this information.