As part of the work to rebuild railings, pathways and access to Funchal beach in Ribeira de João Gomes, the Regional Equipment and Infrastructure Secretary is proceeding with the repaving of Rua Dr. Pestana Júnior, Rua Brigadeiro Oudinot, Rua do Visconde do Anadia and on Rua da Ribeira de João Gomes.

Thus, this area will be resurfaced, after the execution of car access to the beach adjacent to the mouth of Ribeira de João Gomes and repair of the existing railings and pedestrian walks in the streets mentioned above. 

It should be noted that the gas tank that existed in front of the Anadia Shopping Center has also been removed and that, for many years, was the subject of news and repairs. Now that space is clean and landscaped.

The repaving works will be carried out preferably at night, in order to minimize disturbances in the motor circulation in the arteries mentioned above and in the surrounding area.

From Jornal Madeira

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