Jornal de Notícias reports in its online edition, this Sunday afternoon, that Transavia has changed its flight plans, due to the restrictions implemented in France, and, as a result, leaves some passengers in Madeira, with no return trip to Porto, so they will have to resort to alternatives.

The news says that it all started last Friday, when passengers landed at Madeira International Airport and were surprised by the information, hours later, by an email, realising that the return flight would be impossible.

“We are sorry to inform you that we had to cancel your flight. We understand that the cancellation is very inconvenient. You will receive the full amount you paid for the flight, within 30 days”, was the message they were confronted with, issued by the company.

JN claims to have made one through the website of the low cost company, headquartered in the Netherlands but with a French subsidiary, having found that, in addition to the fact that the Funchal – Porto connection for that day was canceled, there are no flights available for the route concerned throughout the month of November – the first flight appears on December 2nd.

Also unavailable is the Porto – Funchal route, remembering that these connections have a point of departure and arrival in French territory.

Transavia’s explanation confirms that the decision results from the restrictions implemented in France and will start this Monday, covering, then, passengers who arrived in Madeira and had a return flight in the week that now begins. “Due to the confinement measures announced by the French president last Wednesday, October 28, and the movement restrictions that have been put in place, the Transavia flight program has been revised,” he explained to JN

“If a flight is canceled, a refund will be offered to customers. Customers can still postpone their flights until October 30, 2021, without modification fees (assuming only possible fare differences),” added the company in the note sent.

From Jornal Madeira