A third of the shops in the center of Funchal closed their doors

The evaluation will only be made at the end of the year, but the Commercial and Industrial Association of Funchal offers a perspective. “One third of the stores in the center of Funchal have closed their doors”.

ACIF says that the more the support, the less the stores are forced into insolvency. For this reason, the association asks entrepreneurs to apply for new announced support. 

The Regional Government guarantees, in turn, that open applications for Si-Financing are open.

A reality that ACIF says it is attentive to and supports entrepreneurs.

From RTP Madeira

I believe the main problem here is they talk about support here, there, but nothing comes to the table. 

Statements on the day Rodrigo Gouveia took office at the head of the local trade section for the next three years.

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