A walk round Funchal

Last we had a walk round Funchal to see the lights.

The lights are looking great, with a few more still going up, the stalls and decorations are still going up along Avenida Arriaga, and will all be in action towards the end of next week. The atmosphere is not there yet, but once the city has the Christmas music playing through the streets, and the arrival of more visitors, I think it’s going to be a different, but nice end to the year.

We don’t have the strict restrictions that mainland Portugal has, with lock down of municipalities, and in general will carry on as we are till the end of the year.

A reminder the Christmas Market starts from tomorrow, for the next four Sundays in Mercado dos Lavradores Shere they usually sell the fish, I remember last year this was decorated beautifully.

The stands won’t be selling much in the way of alcohol, but I think will have some, Madeira wine, the traditional liquors like Ginja in a chocolate cup, but poncha will be missing. Don’t worry to much though as most places have put a stall in there own space to sell poncha and other drinks, where you can sit at a table, so it’s not totally missing, but you will not be able to walk the streets with alcohol.

Enjoy the selection of photos below that I took last night.

Also the light tunnel on the pier is pretty spectacular. The light show lasts for 10 minutes and us to music. It looks lije it starts on the hour every half hour, so well worth a watch if you are lucky enough to be in Madeira this Christmas season. I captured most the show on video, but not the full 10 mins.