Albuquerque continues to reject health enclosures

The President of the Regional Government continues to reject the application of Health enclosures in the Region, even recognizing that the active cases in Machico had quintupled: “At this moment we have all the chains identified. It only makes sense if there is lack of control and if there were community transmission ”, he observed.

Regarding this increase to the East, Miguel Albuquerque says that he had “confidential information” and that he knew that this would be a critical period and that he reiterates strict compliance with the rules of distancing and closing the hours of restaurants and bars, particularly in the parish of Caniçal and Machico returning to the appeal, moreover it follows from what the Civil Protection Service of Machico had done yesterday through the announcement of the tightening of measures and the threat of imposing fines on offenders.

Even so, the governor left the warning again: “Pay close attention to Caniçal, the bars, the restaurants must scrupulously comply with the rules”.

From Diário Notícias