Jornal Madeira knows that the health authorities already have more results after the meeting that took place at the Covas site, in São João, in the upper part of Ribeira Brava.

Yesterday there were seven cases indicated, today there will already be about 30 the results of the tests that tested positive for infection with the new coronavirus. In common, the fact that these are tests carried out based on contacts between people who participated in the killing of a pig in the upper part of Ribeira Brava, on the site of Covas, in São João.

As reported yesterday by the JM in the online edition, the conviviality for the death of the pig included the presence of emigrants who returned from the United Kingdom and who will not have fulfilled the isolation rules and other recommendations of the health authorities.

Also, as the newspaper reported yesterday, after having learned of this case, officials of the authority will have already identified the citizens concerned.

At the end of yesterday, in the usual report by the Regional Health Directorate, only five new cases were considered in the municipality of Ribeira Brava, but it was implied that other citizens were still waiting for results.

Today, the newspaper knows that about 30 positive cases have been identified, apparently related to the coexistence of the pig’s death.

This Christmas gathering against the stipulated rules has generated strong criticism and some apprehension.

From Jornal Madeira

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