Albuquerque visits new weather station in Cancela

The President of the Regional Government will visit tomorrow, December 28, at noon, the new IPMA weather station, installed in the headquarters of the Civil Protection Service, Cancela.

This is the 22nd installation of IPMA in the Region.

On a day with three official acts, the President of the Regional Government travels, at 3 pm, to the Madeira International Airport, where he will preside at the inauguration of the new LIDAR, an optical remote sensing technology that, according to a note from the Quinta Vigia, “measures properties of the reflected light in order to obtain the distance and / or other information about a certain distant object. It is a new sensor that will help a lot in terms of monitoring”.

An hour later, at 4 pm, still at the airport, Miguel Albuquerque will attend the departure ceremony of the military contingent that, in RG3, was being prepared for another military mission abroad.

From Diário Notícias