Cases per Country

Thanks to Marylin Dixon who sent me this information to show how other countries are doing.

Date 14th December 2020

Table 1 – sorted by Active cases – source – apart from Madeira

Worldometers  –

NOTE: the UK does not record Active cases.  Additionally, there must be very different ways in which countries assess currently active cases.  The countries shaded in light red seem to assess that the vast majority of their total cases are still active whereas other countries consider most original cases to be no longer active. France and Belgium record 90% of total cases as still being active whereas Iceland similarly records only 2.5%.  The difference is too extreme to be explained by health care, age, ethnicity.

Table 2 sorted by New cases/100,000  – data for this from the European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control – and is the cumulative number of new cases in the last 14 days.  I don’t have that data for Madeira.

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