Invasion of hot air at dawn anticipated a scorching day that is felt this Tuesday in Madeira

In the early afternoon the most extreme temperature had already exceeded 29 degrees in Porto Moniz.

The high temperatures recorded during the early hours of Tuesday in the Region was the result of a typical hot air invasion in the time of ‘east’ that is plaguing the Madeira Archipelago.

“It is a typical ‘east’ situation with invasion of hot air in which the associated air temperature, by itself, is already high, there is a reinforcement of the air subsidence in the Anticyclonic region which, by compression, dries and heats even more the air, ”explained Victor Prior, IPMA regional delegate in Madeira. According to the meteorologist “the ‘east’, although infrequent, occurs in general from February to April and from August to October and can last up to seven days, but as a rule not more than three days”.

In this case, the hot and dry weather that has prevailed in the last few days, should continue until tomorrow, as from Thursday onwards changes in weather conditions are expected, with the wind no longer blowing from the southeast and east, when rotating to other quadrants, namely west and north.

During the day, temperatures continue to ‘scald’. Until early afternoon in Porto Moniz the temperature reached 29.1ºC, closely followed by São Vicente, with 28.0ºC.

In Funchal / Observatório the maximum was 26.1ºC, the second highest value recorded in February in the ‘capital’ city of the Archipelago. It was almost half a century since February was warming up so much in Funchal, which keeps the record 26.6ºC felt on February 27, 1971.

Taken from Diário Notícias