Covid-19 Update from Daniel Caires

Today’s balance sheet – Tuesday – September 22 – regarding covid19 in the autonomous region of Madeira.

> 2 new recovered

> 2 new cases of covid-19 in RAM. These are 2 imported cases identified in the testing operation at Madeira airport, both from the United Kingdom.

> Madeira data are provided by IASaude and not by DGS. Be careful with this as DGS give different figures.

> 1 case in study.

> 0 people admitted to the hospital in the area dedicated to covid-19.

> Madeira, the only region in the country with 0 deceased for covid-19. We continued to test, to be able to isolate and recover, protecting public health.

> The region now accounts for a cumulative total of 205 confirmed cases, with 55 active cases and 150 recovered.

> There are 55 active cases, of which 44 are imported cases identified in the context of surveillance activities implemented at Madeira Airport and 11 are cases of local transmission.

Daniel Caires – 19h19
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