“Uncontrollable” fire has already consumed Palheiros and ‘forces’ to keep animals in backyards at Ponta do Pargo

At this moment the parish of Ponta do Pargo is currently temporarily isolated.

The road connecting Porto Moniz was already closed and, according to a PSP agent at the site, the connection to Amparo is also closed, because the flames were already very close to the road.

The fire that is burning in Ponta do Pargo is reaching the Lombadinha area. At the moment, access is very limited, with cases where the authorities, for security reasons, do not let cars enter the area.

According to the Diario found on the site, there are several Palheiros (Animal Shelters) that have already burned and some residents are choosing to shelter the animals in the backyards of the houses.

The president of the Ponta do Pargo Parish Council, Manuel Costa, told the newspaper that the flames are “uncontrollable”.

Also for security reasons, residents are being advised to leave their homes, particularly the elderly, especially because the air starts to become unbreathable.

The high temperatures and the wind is really not helping the situation and could be a while before things are controlled.

From DN