Today, the statue of Cristóvão Colombo, by Henrique Moreira, was reinstalled in Parque de Santa Catarina, after the conservation and restoration interventions of the sculpture, which had been vandalized in July this year, were completed.

Miguel Silva Gouveia, president of CMF, was at the site to monitor the work and explained that this repair was necessary, given the damage caused by the collapse of the work, which presented “multiple cracks, dents, and some wear on the surface of the piece as a result of crash to the floor”, to which were added several points of corrosion.

For the CMF president, “the best answer we can give to acts of vandalism is to quickly recover our assets and return them to the city. It is the responsibility of all of us to respond quickly to these unfortunate situations, ensuring the heritage that belongs to all of us ”.

The repair cost amounted to 3 thousand euros.

From Jornal Madeira

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