Following the increase in cases by Covid-19 in the Region, the Funchal City Council today set a limit of 20 people to participate in funerals, ceremonies and funeral events, in the cemeteries supervised by the Municipality (São Gonçalo, São Martinho, Santo António and Monte).

“It should be noted that the number of participants mentioned above can only be exceeded to guarantee the presence of the deceased’s family members”.

In the case of the death of people with a suspected or confirmed infection, “burial graves should be avoided, indicating cremation as the preferred destination”, explains the note sent to the newsroom.

“At the time of scheduling the cremation or burial, it is necessary to be notified by the Funeral Agencies, with the administrative services, if the funeral refers to a suspected or confirmed situation of COVID-19”, he adds.

The Chamber further informs that “the presence of the municipal employees should be limited only to what is strictly necessary for the funeral, namely the handling of the electric cart that carries the coffin”.

From Jornal Madeira

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