Regarding the warning made yesterday to comply with hygiene and safety measures in supermarkets and shopping centers, the President of the Regional Government says he has been informed that “finally, everything is in order”.

Miguel Albuquerque hopes that compliance with all safety measures on these surfaces will continue, for the good of all employees and the population in general, expressing himself “very satisfied” with the progress made during this Tuesday.

“The department stores are, at the moment, fulfilling what is their obligation, which is to guarantee security for the entrepreneurs themselves, for the employees of these companies and for consumers”, he added, stressing that the inspection will not be relaxed.

Statements made on the visit to the exhibition ‘Christmas at Casa da Calçada’, at the Frederico de Freitas House-Museum, when, when asked by journalists about the points to watch the fireworks display of the New Year, Albuquerque said that these will be announced from December 28th.

On the occasion, the regional executive chief congratulated the museum’s management and workers, who every year surprise with their “commitment and creativity in the presentation of the cribs and Christmas table”. “Every year I have a good surprise and this is another one”, said the President of the Regional Government, who advised the Madeirans to visit this space, with their families and in restricted groups, having no doubt that everyone “will love it ”.

From Jornal Madeira