Comparative information on cases of covid19

Thanks to Daniel Caires who has put this together, and put the table in English for my site.

Comparative information on cases of covid19 from Madeira with various regions and countries in the world.
Updated and with a new addition, as requested, a new column for the mortality rate of cases with covid19 among cases positive for covid19.
> Madeira is the region with the least positive cases for covid19 per 100 thousand inhabitants, with 407 cases, only closely followed by the Azores with 598. As for the rest, the data show that they have at least more than the triple the cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, in relation to Madeira.
> Regarding the mortality rate of positive cases, Madeira also has the lowest rate, with 0.48%. Very close, is Iceland with 0.50%. Belgium, on the other hand, has the highest rate, which is still 2.95%. In the case of Belgium, out of every 100 people positive for covid19, about 3 died with covid.
Note: I wanted to compare the occupancy of intensive care units and hospital care units designated for this purpose, but I was unable to obtain this information from other locations.
However, it should be noted that Madeira currently has 108 ‘ventilators’ and 134 beds for this. Therefore, the occupancy, today’s date, is below 10% for the beds designated for this purpose in the hospital and below 3% for the ‘occupancy’ of the ventilators.
This table is not meant to be relativized or persuade. The measures taken by the regional government must be understood and followed. The success of 2021 will depend on how we end 2020.
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