Government advances with tender for Curral das Freiras cable car

The Regional Government decided, this Thursday, to proceed with the public tender for the construction of the Curral das Freiras cable car.

In the conclusions of the Governing Council meeting that took place this afternoon, at Quinta Vigia, the Madeiran Executive opened the procedure for a limited tender by prior qualification, with publication of an announcement in the Official Journal of the European Union. Included are the “concession of the private use of the public domain and the use of the private domain for the design, construction, operation and conservation of a cable car system, an adventure park and nature interpretation and a “zip line” (slide ), including the respective support and restoration facilities, in Curral das Freiras and Jardim da Serra”, we can read in the conclusions sent to the media.

From now on, the management staff with inspection functions in labor matters and the staff of the inspection careers of the Regional Directorate of Labor and Inspection will have a professional identification card and a pass, the model of which was approved today by the government meeting.

In today’s decisions, we highlight the two program contracts signed with the Association for Research and Promotion of the Social Economy (AIPES). One of them has the objective of sharing the costs inherent to the creation of a third sector digital platform, with mapping of all Private Social Solidarity Institutions and local development entities in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, allocating for this purpose a financial contribution that does not may exceed the maximum amount of 16,201 euros.

The other contract aims at the acquisition of a vehicle that supports all the trips inherent to the proper development of activities, initiatives and projects that are implemented by this institution, attributing a financial contribution of just over 33 thousand euros for this purpose.

This Thursday, a number of program contracts were signed with different entities, including the University of Madeira (50 thousand euros to ensure the normal operation of the ISOPlexis Germplasm Bank); the Casa do Povo do Imaculado Coração Maria, which will receive 8,350 euros for the ‘Mostra do Bolo do Caco and Homemade Bread from RAM’; and the West Coast Association, with another 8,350 euros for the ‘Passion Fruit and Derivatives Exhibition’.

Note also, for the sports development program contract (CPDD) of the PRAD 2021/2022, in the global amount of €1,080.40, referring to travel by regional sports clubs

The Government authorized the acquisition, through private law, for a total value of 8,662 euros, of a plot of land necessary for the ‘Construction of the Faial – Santana – Ribeira de São Jorge – 2nd Section to Beneficiary Road Link, as well as four plots of land required for the ‘Prevention and Mitigation of the Risk of Landslides on the Escarpments Overlooking the ER 223 – Estreito da Calheta/Jardim do Mar’ contract, for a total value of 14,480 euros.

Also at this meeting, the Executive of Miguel Albuquerque decided to praise two regional athletes, namely skater Jéssica Carolina Rodrigues and Muaythai fighter Afonso Duarte Silva, as well as the coaches who accompany them and the club they represent. Public praise was also given to the Madeiran coach José Alberto Abreu, from the staff of the Madeira Muaythai Sports Association, as well as the club and the Combat Sports Association; and Alípio Silva, from the staff of Clube Desportivo e Recreativo dos Prazeres, as well as the club and the Madeira Skating Association.

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