Last chance to get back to UK or to come back if you are a resident.

Thanks to Samantha Cox for sending this Information.
To leave Madeira: Only TAP flights to Lisbon is now the only option. You must arrange your transfer from Lisbon to Heathrow.
For residents wishing to return from UK to Madeira: Flights only to Lisbon. You must obtain the new health form to be allowed to travel to Madeira. Once accepted for travel, please note travel to Madeira is restricted to 100 people per week. Once you arrive in Madeira, you will be put into a Quarantine hotel for 14 days. This is compulsory. No further flights after the dates below are planned for the unforeseeable future.

British Airways is the only airline now operating flights from Portugal to the UK between Lisbon and Heathrow. Flights depart Lisbon at 11.05 arriving Heathrow at 13.55
Please see below for an indicator of availability in the coming days and crucial points to observe when booking and travelling. Seat availability is approximate and correct at time of posting.

Friday 3 April: 40-50 seats
Saturday 4 April: 35-40 seats
Sunday 5 April: 90-100 seats
Monday 6 April: 90-100 seats
Tuesday 7 April: no flight
Wednesday 8 April: 90-100 seats

When you book your seats it is imperative you include a mobile phone number and email address. If anything changes* BA will send a message to any contacts registered on the site. If you book through a travel agent, the information will go to them. Keep checking for updated information.
* In the event of a cancellation the airline’s responsibility to you remains, and your passenger rights are still valid

If travelling from the Algarve, check on that your flight is operating as normal before making your journey. You can do this by checking on ‘manage my booking’ on the website. Should there be a change, it will made 24 hours or more before departure so there is time to reschedule transport

If you have a valid ticket on one day, but want to change to another, you can check in (subject to availability) at Lisbon airport. You won’t be charged a change fee but will have to pay the price difference. Check in ‘my booking’ to make changes or call BA’s Call Centre on 808 200 125 or (+351) 214 154 151.


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