Take Away Service

Beginning April 1

In this phase of contingency and curfew that we are going through at this moment and in the coming weeks for sure, and as far as possible to guarantee to those who always need a solution to have a ready meal, I send information regarding the dishes that we will provide with delivery to the during this period for dinner meals, with deliveries scheduled between 7 pm and 8 pm.

We are in a difficult phase but with the certainty that together and together we will overcome this battle more …. we do not bend in the other difficult moments and this will be another one that will be overcome …


– Free deliveries up to 20km
– Deliveries between 7pm and 8pm each day
– Orders placed the previous day
– Minimum quantity 2 kg or multiple of 2 kg
– Disposable packaging

Good for family orders. You can also see their Facebook Page Here

Please note that orders are for a minimum of 2kg, which is just over 4 lb, so the information is not correct in the table they sent me.