New Measures From Saturday 27th November


I still have no idea what is going on and it seems no one else either, it’s just a different answer to whoever you speak to.

Just before I was ready to write this I had it clear in my head that all tourists get a free test with Madeira Safe, then after that, it’s clear that they are being charged for tests from 15.00 euros to 30,00 euros depending o where you have the test.

15 minutes ago The Tourism Board replied to a message on Facebook messenger regarding tests, and have told me that EVERYONE is entitled to a FREE TEST each week, the messages posted below.


In the message above is a link to testing places, which shows hardly any, and looks like just a few clinics, you can see that link by clicking here .

So what I know and understand before this message came through, is that anyone coming to the island can still enter the island in the same way, so with just your vaccine certificates, but now the new measures state that you will need to take an Antigen Test within 48 hours of arriving. We still do not know if this will change, and there is going to be a lot of confusion as Portugal has announced that no one is to enter without a test.

I think to make your journey and the start of your stay a little more relaxed, I would advise everyone to come with an Antigen test also.

I’m just going to concentrate here on tourists arriving. But all measures are in the original post below.

Each Antigen test is valid for 7 days, so you can come with a test and that will be valid for 7 days from when you took the test. you will then need to be tested weekly.

You need the vaccination certificate to enter bars and restaurants, and to do tourist activities. The Christmas huts along Avenida Arriaga you will also need both, as well as the Funfair on the front of Funchal.

In shops, Shopping Centers, and Supermarkets, plus public transport you only need a vaccine certificate or a test to enter.

Nothing of course has been said about hotels, so I really don’t know the rules for hotels, and give up asking these simple questions. So when you arrive or maybe before you arrive and can get an answer from your hotel, you might have a better idea than me.

It is very clear that you will queue for a long time for a test especially in Funchal, and at the airport. A Friend of mine when to the airport this morning to try and get a test, and people were queuing for over an hour.

In Canico I have had friends try to get a test today, at the only 2 available places, and they have been told there are no tests now until December 2nd, so you can already see what a total farce this is becoming.

It’s also common knowledge now that a lot of places will not check visitors to their business, and although it’s not mandatory to do so, they do run a risk of being closed for 10 days if a positive case is identified in their business.

So I hope some of this is a little bit more clearer now, it has given me a headache over the last week, and I think the next few days starting from tomorrow 27th November, when everything comes into place, we will get more of an idea of how or how not this works. 

Please read below to be sure of the full restrictions in place.


Below is the original post I did on the 18th of November when new measures were announced. All updates will be above.

I will leave this post pinned to the top of the blog, and update when I have more information.

Arriving In Madeira nothing has changed and you can find all the information for this by clicking on the website below.


We are now in a transition week 20-27th November, where it is only needed to have either or,  Vaccine Certificate or Rapid Antigen Test.

Still many places are not checking this especially smaller restaurants and bars, but I think from 27th it will be more widespread.

I have some answers from the Tourism from some of the questions raised. Plus the option for you to send me more questions if you have any doubts.

So new measures from the 27th November are as follows.

1- Keep all the basic measures of individual and collective protection, in open and closed environments mandatory – use of mask, hygiene, hand disinfection and distance of 1.5 meters.

2- Recommend vaccination to all citizens over 12 years of age, namely with 1, 2 or 3 doses according to the recommended vaccination schedule.

3- Establish massive testing of the population with a rapid antigen test, on a weekly basis.

Every 15 days is now every 7 days, these tests are free.

4- Establish the requirements for the presentation of proof of vaccination and rapid antigen testing (weekly) for access to any event.

5- To exercise/attend, activities/events in the public and private sector: sports, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, gyms, bars and clubs, cultural, cinemas, night activities, games, casinos, and other similar social activities, must be vaccinated and tested – rapid antigen test, weekly.

6- Residential structures for the elderly

Mandatory weekly tests for employees and residents. Restriction of visits (1 visit per resident) – it is mandatory to be vaccinated and tested – rapid antigen test – weekly contingency plans activated.

7- Supermarkets and Superstores

Recommend that users are vaccinated or tested on a weekly basis with a rapid antigen test.

8 – Public transport

Recommend that users are vaccinated or tested on a weekly basis with a rapid antigen test.

9- Airports and Ports

the recommendation of the previous resolution is maintained: vaccinated or recovered or tested with a rapid antigen test, with the need for repetition on the 5th/7th day for residents, students and emigrants and their families.

Non-vaccinated residents will be advised to vaccinate at their respective centers (they cannot participate in events).

All the above runs from 27th November till December 15th. There is a possibility these measures can be extended.

Tourism – Some information

All tourists will also need to be tested weekly, rapid antigen test, is also FREE for all tourists.

I would strongly advise all tourists to get a rapid test before they arrive, so at least you have this for the first 5-6 days of your stay. A self NHS test is not accepted.

Unvaccinated Tourists. . If you are unvaccinated  you will not be able to do much without a test and full vaccine certificate. This could

Some Questions and Answers are below.

So don’t you think every passenger should have an Antigen test on arrival, but this would be almost impossible? We have suggested this to the health authorities, we are waiting for their reply.

Will the Dark Green QR code from Madeira safe be accepted? I’m thinking not as I have seen tourists being refused entry into clubs trying to use this method. – the QR code generated in Madeira Safe is for use at the airport. The European Digital Certificate has its own QRcode and although I am not 100% sure ( because I haven´t been to clubs lately – maybe you can name one where this happened, and we will try to check for sure) I think this is the one valid for some existing apps and software.

From the UK, are the printed NHS papers accepted? Yesit should be accepted if it has all the information about vaccination – name, id number, type of vaccine, dates of the vaccine.

We also need to know what is accepted from all countries. As earlier, when Madeira started welcoming vaccinated tourists we informed what was the proof requirements: Name, ID number, type of vaccine, dates and should be issued by a health center.

Will the testing for Tourists have a cost or free for them also? The test recommendation is for locals and tourists, therefore a weekly antigen will be free also for tourists.

More Questions

If you have more questions please email them to me at as questions will get lost within the blog comments, and I will get answers and update this blog post.

Also please note, I am still waiting for an updated list of where you can get tested, at the moment you can see where to get tested on the link below. please note this does not include the pop-up tents in Funchal, or other areas, so these are more options as well.

Where to get tested click here.







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