The two patients with pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria admitted to the Hospital Particular da Madeira (HPM) are “stable and evolving favorably and do not need special care”, revealed Luís Freitas, clinical director of that health unit.

“For now, there is no alarm situation around these two cases, because they are apparently isolated situations, having nothing to do with each other and, therefore, we can rest assured”, the clinical director told Lusa.

The infection was detected as part of a consultation with the HPM Emergency Department due to respiratory problems on the part of those two patients.

“The diagnosis really is, Legionella pneumonia confirmed and reconfirmed in our laboratory, but now I have to ask for more confirmation from a laboratory independent of ours and that is what we have already done with the regional health authorities. From there the whole process research is initiated by Public Health “, he explained.

The doctor stressed, however, that the “situation, in terms of contagion, does not offer concerns because the contagion is only done by inhaling droplets of hot water suspended in the air, in jacuzzis, swimming pools and other situations, but who has Legionella no longer transmits pneumonia to anyone else “.

“Despite looking like isolated cases, it is nevertheless necessary to do the investigation and typify the bacterium”, he concluded, reiterating that these cases have nothing to do with the one detected a week ago in a hotel in Porto Moniz.

The existence of these two cases was advanced by Antena 1 and RTP Madeira.

From Jornal Madeira

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