North rain well above the red warning level

In Porto Moniz, 160 liters per square meter fell. 

Until 6 pm and practically in the afternoon (between 11:30 am and 5:30 pm), the IPMA automatic weather station in Porto Moniz reached more than twice the amount of precipitation for red warning, registering 122.4 liters per square meter (mm) . In this season, the total accumulated on this rainy Christmas day exceeded, in the last hour, 160 mm.

After dawn and Friday morning, a lot of rain had a particular impact in the municipality of Santana, with extreme records of 80.6 mm / 6h (red) in Santana, and 58.2 mm / 6h (orange) in Ponta from São Jorge, during the afternoon, a lot of rain filled the measurements in Porto Moniz, where the accumulated rainfall almost doubled the records found in Santana.

Along the north coast of Madeira, today very badly battered by bad weather, the IPMA also has a weather station in São Vicente (located 97 meters above sea level), where curiously the levels of precipitation are insignificant when compared with the levels of the neighbouring stations. At this station in the north center of the island, until 18 hours, it had accumulated ‘only’ 38.5 mm, the most revealing and unique extreme reaching the meteorological warning value, were the 32.4 mm / 6h (yellow) occurred this afternoon.

Note the abysmal difference in precipitation values ​​observed this afternoon between the weather stations of São Vicente and Porto Moniz. While in São Vicente it was 38 liters per square meter, in Porto Moniz it exceeded 122 liters, more than three times the quantity.

In contrast to the heavy rain that has flooded the north coast of Madeira, to the south, and particularly at the ends of the island, it rained very little. At least judging by the records of the accumulated in Prazeres (1.3 mm), Caniçal (3.3 mm) and Ponta do Pargo (4.5 mm).

From Diário Notícias

We certainly had a lot of rain in Caniço, which we normally miss the worse if it, and I have never seen hailstones for that length of time on and off during the day.

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