Torrential rain leaves the parish of São Jorge flooded

After an end of dawn with very intense rain, the parish of São Jorge, Santana municipality, ‘woke up’ on this Christmas day with several flooded and many collapsed roads, as well as some houses also flooded.

The Santana City Council already has two machines on the ground to clean up the many debris being dragged. Along with the heavy precipitation that started to fall from the middle of the night and that until 11 am, at the Ponta de São Jorge weather station, it registered an accumulation of 58.2 liters per square meter (mm), with almost the totality of this water load that was less than 2 mm reaching extreme risk (red warning) fell in just 2 hours (between 04.30 and 06:30). In addition to the intense precipitation, a consequence of the heavy thunderstorm recorded especially on the North coast, the fall of a lightning strike on land, more than the crash that scared the population, caused damage to electronic equipment.

In addition to these two climatic factors, the wind also blows strongly in São Jorge, and at 11 am there was a gust of up to 82 km / h.

“For what it rained, it could have been worse. Now the problem is the wind, ”said Mayor Dinarte Fernandes a moment ago.

Torrential rain has fallen in other places, wifh huge hail and thunderstorms   we have just had one in Caniço Garajau. This was the drive to Nelio Mum. Never have I seen I hail storm like this in Madeira.

Hailstones in the garden.

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