6 flights diverted.

It was a morning of few landings at Madeira International Airport. In total, this Monday, six flights were forced to divert up until 12:15 pm.

At the origin of these cancellations is the strong wind that has already reached gusts of 59 km / h, at 12:10 pm, from the South quadrant, and the poor visibility. In the last hour, the wind blows at an average of 28.4 km / h.

The diverted flights are two TAP flights, from Porto and Lisbon; two easyJet flights from London and Bristol; a SATA flight from Ponta Delgada in the Azores and a Transavia flight from Paris.

Among these, only the TAP flight from Porto, chose to proceed to Porto Santo Airport.

For the time being, none of these flights have been cancelled, so they may be rescheduled for the next few hours.

The next flight to land in Madeira is scheduled for 3:25 pm, from the easyJet airline, coming from Lisbon.

From Diário Notícias

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