SESARAM discloses criteria for vaccination of its professionals after controversy over the process

The process has been considered very disorganized by health professionals.

Today, SEASRAM released the criteria that were defined for vaccination of health professionals. It was through a communication from the Board of Directors.

The disclosure of the rules happens after a lot of discontent on the part of health professionals, with emphasis on doctors, who told Diário Notícias they have realized what they consider to be a great disorganization.

In the document, from SESARAM, it is said that “the execution of the Regional Vaccination Plan COVID-19, which aims to vaccinate at least 200,000 citizens to obtain group immunity in RAM” and that it “started in December 31, 2020”.

“According to this Regional Plan, vaccination will be carried out according to the availability of vaccines, with the prioritization criteria being established according to the risk of exposure to SARS CoV-2, according to the guidance of the Health Authority.”

The Administration adds that, “in this first phase, in which 9,750 vaccines were made available for the entire RAM, and with two doses determined per person, approximately 2,400 health professionals will be vaccinated at SESARAM EPERAM.”

Here are the rules, as presented by the SESARAM Board of Directors.

Priority 1

– COVID-19 Multipurpose Inpatient Unit, Cave West-COVID-19, Intensive Care Service (UCIP), Madeira Airport and Porto Santo Operation COVID-19;

Priority 2

– Emergency Department of Hospital Nélio Mendonça (professionals in Physical Presence); Areas Dedicated to Respiratory Patients (ADRs) at Health Centers; Urgent Care Services of Health Centers; Home Visiting Teams; COVD-19 Testing Team in the community; Professionals in the Prevention / Call to the Emergency Department of the HNM.

Priority 3 – Other Clinical Services.

About scheduling, one of the most problematic areas so far, it is explained that the same “is done by the Occupational Health Center through telephone contact with the professional” and that “any doubts about the process should be presented to Dr. Rui Silva, responsible for the Service. ”

In the first four days, 590 SESARAM professionals were vaccinated. “All professionals covered in this vaccination phase (corresponding to 2,400 professionals), who are not yet in areas dedicated to COVID-19, will be, primarily, integrated into these teams.”

“Health professionals who are not linked to SESARAM EPERAM will be integrated into the Regional Vaccination Plan, according to the guidelines of the Health Authority.”

From Diário Notícias