Who Has Flower Festival Tickets.?

So every e who has paid their 30 euros for their ticket to watch the Flower Festival, it seems it doesn’t matter if your double vaccinated, need to have a covid test before, (fair enough) but then you will have to sit there in the sun, heat, with a bloody mask on.

I actually find this totally pathetic, it’s supposed to be the big reopening of the island, an island with hardly any covid, and has never had hardly any covid, and now thus stupid government, which I will say has done so well up until now, along with the tourist board, have just totally ruined everything.

I pray its cloudy weather, because if people are sitting in the blazing sun with a mask on for up to 4 hours depending on where you sit, then good luck to you all.

A huge shame, and everyone I have spoken to about it says the same, and thankfully many after waiting an hour or more in that tourist office, where only one person was selling tickets, one woman was munching her lunch and another doing nothing, refused to then buy tickets.

Shame on the tourist board again and probable the government and health professionals for not pointing this out either, it is only known when you go and buy the tickets…. 🤬🤬🤬

I would hope for anyone not wanting to sit and wear a mask, they can go and get there money back, but I doubt this very much.

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