Bad weather should start from Sunday.

The bad weather that the weather forecast for the Archipelago of Madeira already indicated for next week gains consistency. Associated with active frontal depression, as of Sunday, the Region will be plagued by thunderstorms, with a high probability of being buffeted by periods of rain or heavy downpours, accompanied by thunder and moderate to strong wind.

The wintry weather ‘on the way’ to Madeira may start to be felt from the end of the afternoon of this Sunday, the 3rd, according to the most recent forecast by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), which forecasts the end of Sunday, the possibility of “periods of rain or showers, which may be strong” and an increase in the intensity of the wind, which from “weak to moderate (10 to 30 km / h) in the east quadrant” will become be “sometimes strong (up to 40 km / h) from the end of the afternoon”.

Weather conditions that are expected to worsen at dawn on Monday, January 4th, with the IPMA forecasting for this first working day of 2021 “periods of rain or showers, sometimes heavy. Chance of a thunderstorm. Moderate to strong wind (25 to 40 km / h) from the southeast, temporarily with gusts up to 65 km / h, being strong (35 to 45 km / h) in the highlands, with gusts up to 85 km / h, decreasing in intensity in the end of the day. ”

It is very likely that the IPMA will issue meteorological warnings in the next few hours, taking into account the consistency of the forecast for several days of weather, which may be marked by a lot of rain and wind.

From Diário Notícias