Less than two hours before the end of the year there is little movement in Funchal

People took notice of the warnings and as the photos show, it was a very quiet night in Funchal.

Ambient music played in downtown Funchal, less than two hours from the end of 2020, but the movement in the streets is still reduced, very different from other years. The covid-19 pandemic and the security measures adopted are making many people from Funchal stay at home.

In the CR7 square there is some movement on the terraces, but the ‘race’ to the boxes, drawn on the floor, where the groups will have to stay to see the fireworks, did not  happen.

The strong police presence on the streets, preventing parking outside the few authorized places has led to many people opting for other locations. Several downtown streets are closed, especially Avenida do Mar.

From Diário Notícias