Cruise group settles in Madeira

Mário Ferreira, main partner of the river cruise company ‘Douro Azul’, chose Madeira to set up a new cruise company. The ‘Mystic Ocean’ was born on 2 November, has its headquarters in a management company on Rua Brito Câmara and last Tuesday communicated to the commercial register that since 28 December it is registered in the regime of the International Business Center of Madeira (IBC) .

‘Mystic Ocean’ presents itself as “a new cruise company based in Portugal, offering trips to iconic destinations such as the Mediterranean, Baltic and North Sea”.

In June 2018, Mário Ferreira had transferred the headquarters of ‘Mystic Cruises’ to the same address on Rua Brito Câmara, a company dedicated to expedition trips to less traditional destinations, such as Antarctica and the Arctic. Its fleet currently consists of the ships’ World Explorer ‘,’ World Voyager ‘and’ Vasco da Gama ‘(ex-‘Statendam’). They are registered in the International Ship Register of Madeira (MAR) and therefore have the Portuguese flag.

At present, with the cruise sector stopping due to the pandemic, the maritime cruise ships of Mário Ferreira’s group are moored in Lisbon and Setúbal. However, both ‘Mystic Cruises’ and ‘Mystic Ocean’ are preparing to return from their trips. A sign of this are the announcements they made in the last two weeks for the admission of dozens of crew members for different areas, but above all hotel service professionals on board.

From Diário Notícias

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