Green Corridor for Vaccinated Tourists

Madeira will have a green corridor for those who arrive in the Region already vaccinated, announced Miguel Albuquerque.

The President of the Regional Government announced today the creation of a green corridor for tourists who have been vaccinated for at least five days and who bring proof of the same vaccination.

Miguel Albuquerque – who was speaking on the sidelines of the visit he made to the place where the new submarine telecommunications cable from Madeira, owned by the Region, will be deployed – said that the decision was taken yesterday, in a plenary session of the Regional Government.

The measure, which will be extended to all tourists, will undoubtedly, underlined the minister, prove to be very important and constitute yet another attraction during the tourist upturn.
The minister, questioned about the closure of the European Union’s borders with the United Kingdom, de-dramatised, recalling that, at the moment, there are no connections between the United Kingdom and Portugal.
But, he thinks it is normal that this decision was made, given the peak of infection in Europe, with Portugal and the United Kingdom with very high numbers of cases.
Miguel Albuquerque says that tourism figures were very bad in November, with some recovery in December. And he expects connections and tourist flows to resume in February.

A the moment, although Carnival has been cancelled, Eduardo Jesus seems to think normal activities will resume after that, and at the monent plans are still going ahead for the Flower Festival from 29th April to 23rd May. 

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