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JPP’s parliamentary leader, Élvio Sousa, said today that his party will move forward with a complaint to the prosecutor regarding the “Savoy case”. He said that he will move from “words to actions and streamline, with the competent authorities, possible responsibilities for the controversial event that took place on December 31, at the Savoy hotel unit, and which was reported by some media”.

Élvio Sousa highlighted “the decisive role that political agents and Governments should have, in this phase of containment, in their increased responsibility for the conduct of the rest of the community” denouncing “the episode of December 23 with the gathering of the Government team in Funchal market ”. For the deputy, this was “a clear and unequivocal demonstration that there are laws for one and other laws for the other. 

“Therefore, it is necessary to take a consistent perspective, and awaken the competent authorities and the Representative of the Republic to a set of actions that must be investigated,” he said.

From Jornal Madeira

This is all to do with New Year’s Eve party at the Savoy Palace where some photos were shared online from the terrace. No one wearing masks and no social distancing. Many government and other officials were at the party.

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