Madeira Birthday Surprise

I received this nice message from Hana, and happy to share it with you all. Hana hopes to get back to Madeira later in March.
Hi Tobi,
I celebrated my birthday just recently and got a Madeira island birthday cake as well as a Madeira island cover song of Disney’s Moana “How far I’ll go” from my best friends (it is my sister singing). I don’t know, but maybe you would like to share it – I love it and obviously, I think people should see it haha – but you decide, it is not news related.
They changed the lyrics to a story of me searching for land in Madeira (which I have found) and added short videos of our travels to the island.
Other than that, I just want to tell you that I absolutely love your blog, it is so great and valuable! In fact, it has been the main source of information about Madeira for me in the last few years.
Just recently I started writing down my story of moving to Madeira in a blog as well, if you want you can check it out:
All the best and keep it up,
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