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This is what I was hoping for, and what I thought would happen, and I’m happy with that. He promised he wouldn’t lockdown the island again, and looks like he is sticking to his word, and we can all see lockdowns do not work. Let’s see what else he says at 5pm.

Below From Jornal Madeira

Partial confinement at the weekend will be extended to all days of the week. This is one of the measures that Miguel Albuquerque is preparing to communicate as of 5 pm today.

The JM knows that the epidemiological assessment in the Region has induced the Regional Government to tighten restrictive measures.

For now, the meetings held yesterday afternoon and today morning resulted in the deliberation of a longer curfew during weekdays.

Thus, all commercial spaces will have to close from 5 pm and the curfew will be at 6 pm, as was already in effect at the weekend.

Miguel Albuquerque will announce the new restrictive measures at 5 pm, in a communication that starts at 5

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