Minimum services for TAP strike guarantee two daily flights to Madeira

The minimum services for the TAP cabin crew strike, scheduled for Thursday and Friday, cover the autonomous regions, Portuguese-speaking countries and areas with Portuguese emigrants, according to a statement published today.

Thus, according to the document, published on the website of the Economic and Social Council, the Arbitration Court decided that three daily flights must be ensured and return to the Azores, “two to Ponta Delgada and one to Terceira ” and “two daily flights to and from the Autonomous Region of Madeira”.

With regard to the remaining operation, the ruling defined a return flight on each of the days of the strike to: Angola, Brazil (São Paulo), France, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland.

The document also states that a one-way flight will have to be made throughout the period of this strike to Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

Finally, other types of flights will have to be assured, such as military ones, imposed by security and emergency situations and by the State.

“The other services to these flights must be ensured, namely assistance, reservations and ‘on call’ services”, he highlighted, determining that the representatives of the unions must identify the “workers assigned to such obligation”, and if this does not happen, it will be up to to employers.

TAP said on November 23 that it would cancel 360 flights on December 8 and 9, days of the cabin crew strike, affecting around 50,000 passengers and a loss of eight million euros in revenue.

The TAP crew will go ahead with a strike on December 8th and 9th, called by the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC), pointing to “discontent, revolt and malaise” among workers as reasons.

TAP and the unions are in negotiations for the revision of the Company Agreement (AE), within the scope of the restructuring plan.

From Diário Notícias