10 Of The Best Levada Walks & Scenic Hikes In Madeira

Madeira Island is, arguably, one of Portugal’s most beautiful islands and features some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous beaches in Portugal. With rugged coastline dipping off into shimmering turquoise waters, and lush forests hiding magical natural formations, Madeira is an otherworldly paradise. Sure, there are plenty of places to stay, eat, and play—but it’s also a renowned hiking location, filled with numerous scenic walks and challenges.

Madeira is especially famous for its stunning levada walks. Levada is Spanish for ‘waterway’, and these cover the island of Madeira, winding their way from hilltop to gorge. From the past to the present, the levadas in Madeira have been a way to transport fresh water to the communities and farms across the island. Due to their unique routes, the levadas frequently attract courageous hikers, families, and tourists to follow the water along its journey across the island.

While there are many levada walks in Madeira, each showcasing a new natural landscape of Madeira Island, not all are welcoming to those with low physical fitness. Not only do some scenic trails in Madeira follow incredibly narrow paths overlooking steep crevices, but they also require a significantly longer walking time than others. With such variety in levada walks in Madeira, it can be hard to know which scenic hike is right for each individual. To help hikers plan accordingly, here is an introduction to the best levada walks in Madeira.

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