The Regional Government is attentive to all municipalities that are under notice in the coming hours. As such, the Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure, Pedro Fino, travelled this afternoon to Machico, in order to find out about the situations that occurred in various parts of the municipality, namely at the Ribeira Grande site, due to the bad weather. 

With the heavy rains, a stream located next to Ribeira Grande was obstructed, causing the flooding of a house and the destruction of some material goods. Although this situation is already under control, the Regional Government is effectively aware of all the municipalities that are under warning of heavy rainfall, as is the case of São Vicente, whose parishes in Ponta Delgada and Boaventura are still weakened by the events of 25 last December. 

For this purpose, prevention teams have been on the ground since morning, with the Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure also visiting these two locations.

On behalf of the Regional Government, Pedro Fino contacted the mayors of the municipalities most affected by bad weather, namely São Vicente, Porto Moniz, Santana and Machico, showing availability of support in case of need.

As a result of bad weather conditions, which caused rocks to fall and landslides, the following Regional Roads are closed:

3rd Section:

ER 211 – At Sítio dos Lagares – Ponta Delgada;

ER 211 – Between Sítio da Lombadinha and the junction for access to Lombadas (Ponta Delgada);

VE2 São Vicente – Porto Moniz.


With limited access to traffic, the following Regional Roads are found as a result of bad weather conditions:


1st Section:

ER 204 – Pinheira São Gonçalo site.


2nd Section:

ER 103 – Between Achada do Cabouco (São Roque do Faial) and Lombo de Cima (Faial);

ER 110 – From Santo da Serra passing through Porto da Cruz to Sítio da Longueira in Faial;

ER 211 – Ribeira de São Jorge – Arco de São Jorge;

ER 212 – Between Sítio das Preces (Machico) – Portela;

ER 213 – Faial – Cortado (Santana);

ER 217 – São Roque do Faial.


3rd Section:

ER 101 – Between Porto Moniz and Ponta do Pargo;

ER 211 – Between Lombadinha and Boaventura;

ER 211 – Between the center of Ponta Delgada and Sítio das Pingas;

ER 228 – Rosário – Encumeada.


4th Section:

ER 105 – Serra d’Água – Encumeada;

ER 222 – Between Zimbreiro (Tabua) and Sítio do Luzaão;

ER 222 – At Sítio do Socorro (Canhas);

ER 222 – At Sítio do Lombo Brasil (Calheta);

ER 223 – Fajã da Ovelha – Paul do Mar.


VE 2 – São Vicente / Porto Moniz.

From Jornal Madeira

Take care everyone and let’s hope not to much damage over night tonight as the worst of the storm will pass, but be sure the strong winds will be around for a few days, and heavy showers, so don’t take any risks.

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