This was the coldest night this winter in Funchal and Porto Santo

And didn’t it feel like it…

This Friday night in Funchal was even colder than yesterday, which is why it was the coldest this winter in the Madeiran capital, with a minimum air temperature below 13ºC.

The extreme minimum temperature in Funchal/Observatory dropped to 12.9 ºC (05:30), while in Funchal/Lido, the least cold of the entire network of IPMA meteorological stations in RAM – 20 in Madeira and 1 in Porto Santo – it remained at 13.7 ºC (05:20).

The extreme value of the minimum temperature before sunrise, as it happened yesterday, was again 0.0 ºC and was recorded at Pico do Areeiro in the last hour (06:10).

Pico do Areeiro, which last Wednesday recorded the lowest air temperature this winter, reaching an extreme value of -0.8 ºC.

The cold felt this morning brought air temperatures below double digits in locations along the coast, namely in Porto Santo, where the minimum was 9.5 ºC, and in São Vicente, with 9.2 ºC.

Particularly significant was the cooling that occurred during the night in the parishes of intermediate levels equipped with a meteorological station, such as Quinta Grande (min. 8.9 ºC), Santana (8.0 ºC), Prazeres (7.7 ºC), Monte (7.5 ºC) and Santo da Serra (6.4 ºC).

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