Ambassadors to Madeira

Thanks to Tom and Sally for sending me this, who have visited the island over 30 times now.

An account of Sally and Tom becoming  Ambassadors to Madeira. The very nice ceremony occurred on the 10th Jan 2023.

We believe Charles (Vine Hotel) had much to do with it!


Charles asked me to bring Sally to the Regional Tourist Office for 4pm today. The excuse was he had an afternoon off and wanted to buy Sally a drink. We all met at Blandy’s circa 3.50pm. I had to persuade Sally to stop sunbathing at the affinity pool and put on some nice clothes to meet up with Charles.

Sally was very surprised but pleased to see Teresa and Anna from the Vine Hotel accompanying Charles who said there was a special bar upstairs next door – it was actually in the Tourism Office.

The Director of Tourism and her staff met us all in her office. She asked Sally why she loved Madeira so much and Sally replied: ”because it is Heaven on Earth”.
The Director knew we had been to Madeira 30 times in less than 10 years (Charles again). We also have invited many guests from the UK who all stayed at the wonderful Vine Hotel in Funchal. We were thrilled to be presented with a lovely certificate, bouquet of tropical flowers and beautiful book on Madeira which we will treasure – we are married but retain our own surnames.