Regional Government advises against travel to the continent

More than ever, the current moment advises against traveling outside the Region. Even for mainland Portugal.

The peak of the pandemic in Portugal and the risk of contagion is such that the President of the Regional Government made today, outside the visit to the construction works of the water network to fight forest fires integrated in the project of the Corta-Fogo do Caminho Black Belt, a special request.

“I think that travel at this moment only for those who have an imperative need to travel abroad”, remembering that the epidemiological situation “in terms of the continent’s territory is very complicated”, he warned. He warned of the peak of infections that have broken records in the past few days.

“Right now, it is a big risk for people to leave here.” Anyone who needs to travel should do so but “with great caution”, he advised.

Asked about the possible entry of national tourists into the Region, Albuquerque refused to advise travel to Madeira at this time, but he also avoided feeding this ‘invitation’. Even so, he left the guarantee that “people are always welcome, and we are able to receive them as we have measures still in place, but now we have to be very careful ”, he insisted.

From Diário Notícias

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