White blanket covers Curral das Freiras

Photo Magno Bettencourt

With the drop in air temperature, hail and snow fell in the mountains of the parish of Curral das Freiras, which this afternoon started to be ‘painted’ in white. The population is beginning to feel the cold to the point of making the President of the Junta apprehensive in the face of the precariousness of most houses that are not prepared with the proper thermal insulation, however Manuel Salustino recalls that the inhabitants of the mountain region are used to facing conditions of adverse weather conditions.

“It is a fact that some houses do not have adequate insulation, which is a concern, but we fight the cold with other weapons, namely with the heat of the fireplaces, with the preparation of hot meals, with traditional drinks, like Ginja and Poncha , in short, with what we have at hand ”, relativizes, however, the social-democratic mayor, an experienced firefighter guarantees that he will be attentive to the evolution of the situation that has already given rise to a yellow warning from the IPMA due to the disturbance also caused by the formation of ice.

“We are going to be on alert and we will visit the parish in the event that some help is needed”, guaranteed Manuel Salustino.

From Freguesias DN

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