Buses start operating Sunday hours starting this Saturday

The Regional Directorate for Economy and Land Transport (DRETT), in conjunction with all operators of Public Road Passenger Transport (Horários do Funchal, Companhia dos Carros de São Gonçalo, Automobile Company of Caniço, SAM and Rodoeste), announced that, as of this Saturday 28th of march, the public passenger transport will be carried out, on all days of the week, with the itineraries and schedules related to the day of Sunday.

“The social confinement measures imposed by the state of emergency have contributed to a significant reduction in the number of passengers transported. It is, therefore, a necessary adjustment that will allow to ensure a reserve of drivers for future needs, guaranteeing the continuity of the provision of public passenger transport service in the Region ”, justifies DRETT in a statement from the Office of the Regional Secretary of Economy.

“Recognizing the existence of passengers who keep on working, daily, all operators will ensure the reinforcements that prove necessary, in the hours of greatest affluence, in order to cover the commuting demand between home and work place”, adds the official. 

In the particular case of the Caniço Automobile Company, there may be additional adjustments to itineraries and schedules, says DRETT, advising passengers to contact the respective public transport companies by e-mail or telephone.

“This change in careers and schedules, although temporary, will continue as long as the circumstances of fighting Covid-19 are justified. As well as the obligation to reduce the capacity to one third of the capacity of each bus, “emphasizes the Regional Directorate, appealing once again to all citizens,” so that they adopt a responsible posture and that, while the state of emergency is in force , only travel by public transport if strictly necessary ”.

From DN

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