The green corridor at Madeira airport has now been extended to tourists vaccinated and recovered from covid-19, who present proof of validity up to 90 days.

“The decision represents a vote of confidence in the new phase that the world is experiencing, in addition to encouraging visits to the island and stimulating economic activity, while maintaining a safe destination”, points out a note sent to the newsroom by the Association Promotion of Madeira.

“To be eligible, tourists who fall under these new conditions must prove their current status through one of two documents. The proof of vaccination and proof of recovery must be submitted on the app before the trip is made, in English for foreigners ”, he adds, stressing that the passport or vaccination certificate must be validated by the respective country of origin and record the name, date of birth, health number, type and date of the test, type of vaccine, date of the two doses taken and respect for the immunization period according to the instructions for each vaccine.

As for tourists recovered from covid-19, they have to present a document, valid for 90 days, that proves their recovery. It must specify the type of test, the date of its performance and the word “recovered”.

“These new measures to access the green corridor are a possible reality due to the world entering a new cycle of hope, provided by the approved vaccines. The decision reflects not only a vote of confidence in the current situation, but also aims to be a reopening of the destination to tourism and a stimulus to the regional economy “, points out the same note.

It should be remembered that this mechanism, which is already in force, is essentially intended for those who arrive in the archipelago with a negative test.

From Jornal Madeira

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