Lobo Marinho Ready To Travel

The ship Lobo Marinho returns to inter-island voyages this Monday, March 1st, after an imperative stop due to the necessary maintenance of the ‘ferry boat’.

The director general of Porto Santo Line (PSL), Rui Gouveia, assured Diário Notícias that “everything is in place and properly organized” to establish the connection between Madeira and Porto Santo.

Due to the difficulties of different kinds that the Covid-19 pandemic presents, Rui Gouveia explained that in what depends on him, the demand will be boosted, but he already knows beforehand that in this first week there will be “a lot of passing passengers “.

The requirements for traveling at this time are limiting us in terms of sales. They are constituting some barrier to consumption.

PSL therefore wants passengers to “make their trips as soon as they want, in a convenient way, with a quick check-in process” and in a “safe” way.

Remember at the moment, and until at least the 15th March, a covid test is required before travel, at no cost to the passenger.

From Diário Notícias