Looking for People Traveling to Germany

If you are going to visit Madeira in the near future from Germany or planning to visit Germany from Madeira, This organisation is looking for people to travel with cats or dogs from Madeira to Germany.

As we know the island has many unwanted animals Dogs and Cats, and many are found new homes in other countries including the UK. Germany is one country that receives a lot of animals going to their new forever homes.

So if you are traveling to Germany, and can take an animal with you, this will be a great help, You do not need to do anything, everything is organised for you from check-in to arrival in Germany where a team member will collect the animal, and then see it gets to its new home.

There are many possibilities to help. Some of them can be seen at https://www.vamos-la.eu/index.php/wie-kannst At the site, there is a possibility for an automatic translation just by clicking the British or the Portuguese flag at the top. We want to say sorry to the native speakers having only this automatic translation. It is sometimes a little strange but the meaning should be clear. Concerning germans traveling to Madeira and back the most helpful support would be if they take one or even more of our animals back to Germany as a flight buddy if they are using direct flights. At this point, only the most important information: our animals will be brought to the airport by team members who assist also in the check-in. In Germany the animals will be picked up by team members from Germany. https://www.vamos-la.eu/index.php/wie-kannst/flugpate-werden Other details anyway will be discussed at the time.


Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten zu helfen. Einige kannst du hier sehen. https://www.vamos-la.eu/index.php/wie-kannst Was Urlauber angeht, so wäre die größte Hilfe, wenn sie ein oder mehrere Tiere als Flugpate begleiten würden nach Deutschland, wenn sie per Direktflug fliegen. Das wichtigste: unsere Tiere werden von Teammitgliedern zum Flughafen gebracht diese begleiten auch den checkin. In Deutschland holen Teammitglieder die Tiere am Flughafen ab. https://www.vamos-la.eu/index.php/wie-kannst/flugpate-werden Alle weitern Details werden dann immer direkt besprochen.

Contact Info

Website – http://www.vamos-la.eu/

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/vamoslamadeira

Email – verein@vamos-la.eu




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